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Sales, Accounting, Purchase and Laboratory Management

Laboratory Management Cloud

Our Laboratory Management Software (LIMS) is a solution designed for analytical testing centers.
From receiving a request, to quality control, followed by approvals and invoicing, aasaan.io is here to guide you and simplify the process. Email analysis reports, invoices directly to your customers. Spend less time entering data and more time running the laboratory. Customize the platform and design parameters yourself.
All compliance needs for National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) included. All operational data will reside in aasaan cloud, so no more managing servers or infrastructure costs. Just login and get started with your daily work!
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Accounting Simplified

Accounting is core to all our modules. We have worked very hard in building a simple (aasaan) yet very powerful accounting system. Import all your existing data and get started immediately. Instantly access Balance Sheet, Asset Management, Loan Management, Reports and Auditing.
Well integrated with Accounts is Sales, Purchase and Warehouse Management modules, which are also available to you. As you are creating Invoices and Purchase Orders and receiving Inventory in your Warehouse, Accounts are automatically updated.
Seamlessly generate your GSTR-1 or GSTR-3b forms with one click. We also have our recommended team of Chartered Accountants to get you through all the way to balance sheet finalization.

Manufacturing Cloud

With our customized Manufacturing Cloud, Work Order Management, Recipe Management, Warehouse Management and all production processes become simple (aasaan). Analyze and optimize your production process with the help of aasaan.io reports and charts.
aasaan.io provides a fully-customizable platform. You will get access to design your production process flows, product recipes, warehouse setup, accounting headers, balancesheet design and much more. All these modules are well integrated.
You can track your performance metrics and balance sheet Real-Time. Get guidance from Chartered Accountants throughout the year, so you are on track. If you require any guidance, our team is always available to you. Email us today to get a trial instance!



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Laboratory Testing System

Request     Quality Control     Invoicing     Approval

Process starts with receiving Sample Request and entering it into Aasaan. That could be forwarded to Quality Control with just a click. Your QC team members see the request pop-up on their dashboard and anyone of them can start the analysis. They record test results in the same request and once done, move the request back to the person receiving it. Now, that person notices that the request is back from QC, so he/she sends it for approval. After approval, Analysis Report and Invoice are generated with just one click are emailed to the customers directly from the system. Learn More

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Aasaan UI

Simple, Effective and Beautiful user

Aasaan is designed with with a focus on Simplicity (aasaan) and Ease-of-use. They are our core values that drive us in everything we build. We use latest technologies to power Aasaan, giving you the access to a System that will never be "Old" or "Legacy".

Whether analysing data via charts on your Dashboard or performing business tasks in Aasaan, you get a very beautiful User-Interface that you can enjoy working with.

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